We have a full line of products for your IT needs. For your network security needs and remote access, we have ritaShare Box, a fully customizable Remote Access Point. To protect your data, we have the Accordion Backup appliance that backs up your data without the need for expensive NAS storage devices. To insure against hardware failure, we have CielView-Desktops, which alleviates your down time when your local workstations malfunction. We have a wide range of highly customizable thin clients for your cloud computing needs. We have a digital signage and billboard player that converts any TV or monitor to a multimedia billboard.

eCommerce and Websites

We can handle all your eCommerce and customized website business needs. Avoid costly annual web hosting fees by using a simple web appliance that you can plug right into your business or home internet service. We can design, code and customize your websites to meet your business and personal needs.

Digital Signage and Billboard player

Use our Digital Signage and Billboard player to advertise right from your store window. Our digital player connects to any TV or monitor to show pictures and videos from your store window. Our digital signage player enables you to showcase your products and services. Show slides, text and videos to any HDMI display. Our digital signage player is energy efficient and uses less energy than a cell phone.

Backup Appliance

Accordion is a backup system to backup your entire network. Backup multiple computers to a single drive. No software to install, no need to keep track of multiple drives. Accordion was designed to replace expensive NAS storage with inexpensive usb drives to backup your precious data. Accordion doesn't require any software to be installed and works with all operating systems.

Remote Access Box

As your a business grows, it might expand to multiple locations. To keep things running efficiently, the people working in those locations need a fast, secure and reliable way to share information across computer networks. ritaShare Remote Access Box delivers access to your resources from any internet connected location. In addition, salespeople and work at home employees need an equally secure and reliable way to connect to their business's computer network and devices from remote locations outside the office.

Virtualized Desktops and Servers

Work anywhere and mobility is fundamental to our Virtualized Desktops and Servers. Our CielView Virtualized Desktops and Servers are decoupled from hardware, allowing you to run any version of an Operating Systems of your choosing. Connectivity to your CV-Desktops and CV-Servers requires only an internet connected device. Your information and programs are available from any computer, laptop, thin-clients, tablet, or smart phone.

Thin Clients

We have a full line of thin clients to connect to your cloud based computers. Our thin clients have no moving parts that aren't prone to wear and tear. Our thin clients produce very little heat and consume less power than your cell phone.

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Accordion Backup Appliance


Virtual Remote Desktop and Server

Standard ThinClient

CielView Standard ThinClient

Pro ThinClient

CielView Pro ThinClient

Ultra ThinClient

CielView Ultra ThinClient

Custom ThinClient

CielView Custom ThinClient

ritaShare Box

ritaShare Box

digital signage player

Convert any tv or monitor to digital signs


Complete e-commerce solutions

The 80 / 20 Rule

Perfection favors the designer not the user. When designers add features without thought, they are inadvertently shooting themselves in the foot. Designers who strive for perfectionism can harm their team. This can have a potentially negative effect on the user. A user is not looking for perfection as much as something functional that helps them achieve their intended goals. When UX designers are blind by perfection, there is no room to look at the critical 20% that has the more significant ...

Malware Hidden In .WAV Files

The loaders come in three different varieties. One uses Least Significant Bit, or LSB, steganography to decode and execute a PE file. Another that employ a rand() based decoding algorithm to decode and execute a PE file. The third employ rand() based decoding algorithm to decode and execute shellcode. These methods shows that executable content could be hidden within any file type, provided that the hacker does not corrupt the structure of the container format. This strategy ...

Parkinson's Law

This law says that any task is prolonged until the time available for doing it is completely exhausted. It is also a law of productivity. We think that the more hours we dedicate to something, the better it is. But practice shows that it is not like that. When we know we have more time, our brain relaxes. On the other hand, when we feel the pressure of the deadline, we focus on doing what is important and that we must finish on time. What does this mean at the User Experience level? The user ...

Flaw in Sudo Gives Root Access

Red Hat explained in a posting that a flaw was found in the way Sudo implemented running commands with arbitrary user ID. If a Sudoers entry allow a user to run a command as any user except root, the flaw allows a hacker to bypass that restriction. Joe Vennix of Apple Information Security, found that the flaw can be exploited by specifying the user ID of the person executing commands to be -1 or 4294967295. The bug resolves the ids to the value 0, which is the user ID fo ...