Standard Thin Client


The standard model is a light weight remote desktop think client. Perfect for task workers who don't need multiple monitors. CielView Standard ThinClient is a pocket sized, light weight device that can be connected to any HDMI equipped TV or standard computer monitor. You can use any of your existing USB keyboard and mouse. Connecting to the internet is just as simple, you can use a wired connection or wireless depending on your location. Once you are connected, you have full access to your CielView desktop. We can configure our thin clients to disconnect from the CielView Dekstop if you hit [CTRL]+[ALT]+[DEL] to protect client/patient information displayed on the screen. This feature is especially ideal for health care industry and any other industries where confidential information must be protected from prying eyes. These thin clients are HIPAA compliant devices.


The CielView Standard ThinClient's SOC design and custom operating system make for an efficient unit.

Dimensions 3.5" X 2.75" X 1"
Weight 3.5 oz
Video HDMI
Resolution Full HD 1080P
Ports USB
Network 10/100, WiFi
Audio 16 bit stereo
Power 10 Watts

Flexibility and Security

The Standard ThinClient is small enough to fit in your shirt pocket and light enough that you won't even know that it is there. The Standard ThinClient has no moving parts and runs so cool that a fan isn't needed. The Standard ThinClient can connect wired or wireless to any internet connection, even your smart phone. In the unfortunate event that the Standard is lost, there is no need to worry because all your data is stored on CielView, there is no security risk at all. The Standard ThinClient can also be used as an interactive kiosk without worrying about security issues. The Accoridon Pi backup appliance is small enough to fit in your shirt pocket and light enough that you won't even know that it is there. It has no moving parts and runs so cool that a fan isn't needed. The Accordion Pi can connect wired or wireless to any network. In the unfortunate event that the Accordion Pi is lost or stolen, there is no need to worry because it stores no data on its own, there is no security risk at all.

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