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Sport Fan Nation mobile application allows users to interact with their favorite team and their fans.

Microsoft Patches Crypto Spoofing Flaw

he vulnerability, CVE-2020-0601, exists in the way Windows Crypt32.dll validates Elliptic Curve Cryptography certificates. Core CryptoAPI functions include encrypting and decrypting data using digital certificates. The CryptSignMessage function creates a hash of the specified content, signs the hash, and then encodes both the original message content and the signed hash. On unlatched systems, hackers can evade next-ge ...

Millions of Home Cable Modems at Risk

The bug, CVE-2019-19494, is found in cable modems across multiple vendors, including Arris, COMPAL, Netgear, Sagemcom, Technicolor and others. It originated in software written by Broadcom which has been copied by different cable-modem manufacturers and used in the devices' firmware. The bug allows a buffer overflow, which could enable a remote hacker to execute arbitrary code at the kernel level via JavaScript run in a victim's browser. The cable modems are vulnerable to a DNS rebind attack ...

Honda Database Leaks Customer Data Again

The database was a data-logging and monitoring server for telematics services for North America, covering the process for new customer enrollment as well as internal logs. It was discovered accessible online to anyone with a web browser. Researchers estimated that there were 976 million records in the database. Honda released a statement to the researcher that there were roughly 26,000 unique consumer related records. This number was approximated by eliminating duplicate information and data t ...

Xiaomi Mijia Security Camera Flaw Found By Reddit User

Upon investigation, the glitch was caused by a cache update on December 26, 2019, which was designed to improve camera streaming quality. According to Xiaomi, the glitch has “only happened in extremely rare conditions.” It happened during the integration between the Mijia security camera 1080p and the Google Nest Hub with a display screen under poor network conditions. ...