We specialize in customized solutions to meet their customers' Technology needs. We can analyze your specific business Technology requirements and create your own version of the software customized to your business. Our specialization spans a wide array of Technology that is required to run our customers business needs. We specialize in Enterprise Software Development, Custom Linux Distributions and Hardware Server/Desktop upgrades.

Mobile App Development for Android + iOS

We develop customized Mobile Enterprise Class Apps for Android and iOS. Whether you need a Mobile Android and/or iOS app to provide your users with your branded access or promote your business or help your employees to run your business, we have the development teams for you. Our programmers know their away around the Mobile front-end and back-end database required to get your Mobile apps running quickly.

Enterprise App Development

We spent years in Enterprise App Development sphere that spans custom application for wall street to mobile apps. Our years of experience has let us to develop some of the most sophisticated trading systems still in use today. We have applied our custom application experience to our customers; including mobile, internet, accounting and server applications.


Node.js allows the web-developers to write JavaScript server-side.

Raspberry Pi Development

The Raspberry Pi is a single computer board, developed for Internet of Things (IoT) projects. The low cost, numerous connectivity options, and 'plug and play' nature of Pi makes for a board that is ideal for all. Pi is the perfect tool; you can use it as a desktop computer, media center, server, monitoring/security device, or any other custom application.

Another Intel Chip Flaw Exposes Encryption Keys

According to Positive Technologies, a Russian cybersecurity firm, a security vulnerability in Intel chips allow encrypted file access. The flaw also gives hackers the ability to bypass copyright protection for digital content. Positive Technologies found that the vulnerability ( CVE-2021-0146 ) is caused by a debugging functionality with excessive privileges. According to Intel, the flaw allows activation of test o ...

BotenaGo Malware Can Exploit Millions of IoT devices and Routers

A new malware has been detected that is written in Google's open-source programming language Golang has the potential to exploit millions of routers and IoT devices. It was discovered by researchers at AT&T AlienLabs. BotenaGo can exploit more than 30 different vulnerabilities to attack a target according to security researcher Ofer Caspi. The malware works by creating a backdoor to the device. It then waits to receive a target to attack from a remote operator through port 19412 or from anothe ...

Linux Kernel Bug Allows Remote Control

A critical, heap-overflow vulnerability in the Transparent Inter Process Communication (TIPC) module of the Linux kernel can lead to remote code execution and system compromise. TIPC is a peer-to-peer protocol used by nodes within a Linux cluster to communicate with each other in an optimized way. It allows various types of messages used for different purposes. According to SentinelLabs, the bug is in a message type that allows nodes to send cryptographic keys to each other. When received, the ...

Fake Google Chrome update Bypasses Windows User Account Control

There is no better way to get a payload onto someone's device than through a program that nearly everyone has installed like Google Chrome. Infostealer malware, masquerades as a legitimate update to Google Chrome so that sensitive data or cryptocurrency can be stolen from the victims' machines. The Malware is delivered through a compromised website on Chrome browsers can bypass User Account Controls to infect systems. Hackers behind a newly identified malware campaign are targeting Windows 10 ...