We specialize in customized solutions to meet their customers' Technology needs. We can analyze your specific business Technology requirements and create your own version of the software customized to your business. Our specialization spans a wide array of Technology that is required to run our customers business needs. We specialize in Enterprise Software Development, Custom Linux Distributions and Hardware Server/Desktop upgrades.

Mobile App Development for Android + iOS

We develop customized Mobile Enterprise Class Apps for Android and iOS. Whether you need a Mobile Android and/or iOS app to provide your users with your branded access or promote your business or help your employees to run your business, we have the development teams for you. Our programmers know their away around the Mobile front-end and back-end database required to get your Mobile apps running quickly.

Enterprise App Development

We spent years in Enterprise App Development sphere that spans custom application for wall street to mobile apps. Our years of experience has let us to develop some of the most sophisticated trading systems still in use today. We have applied our custom application experience to our customers; including mobile, internet, accounting and server applications.


Node.js allows the web-developers to write JavaScript server-side.

Raspberry Pi Development

The Raspberry Pi is a single computer board, developed for Internet of Things (IoT) projects. The low cost, numerous connectivity options, and 'plug and play' nature of Pi makes for a board that is ideal for all. Pi is the perfect tool; you can use it as a desktop computer, media center, server, monitoring/security device, or any other custom application.

The 80 / 20 Rule

Perfection favors the designer not the user. When designers add features without thought, they are inadvertently shooting themselves in the foot. Designers who strive for perfectionism can harm their team. This can have a potentially negative effect on the user. A user is not looking for perfection as much as something functional that helps them achieve their intended goals. When UX designers are blind by perfection, there is no room to look at the critical 20% that has the more significant ...

Malware Hidden In .WAV Files

The loaders come in three different varieties. One uses Least Significant Bit, or LSB, steganography to decode and execute a PE file. Another that employ a rand() based decoding algorithm to decode and execute a PE file. The third employ rand() based decoding algorithm to decode and execute shellcode. These methods shows that executable content could be hidden within any file type, provided that the hacker does not corrupt the structure of the container format. This strategy ...

Parkinson's Law

This law says that any task is prolonged until the time available for doing it is completely exhausted. It is also a law of productivity. We think that the more hours we dedicate to something, the better it is. But practice shows that it is not like that. When we know we have more time, our brain relaxes. On the other hand, when we feel the pressure of the deadline, we focus on doing what is important and that we must finish on time. What does this mean at the User Experience level? The user ...

Flaw in Sudo Gives Root Access

Red Hat explained in a posting that a flaw was found in the way Sudo implemented running commands with arbitrary user ID. If a Sudoers entry allow a user to run a command as any user except root, the flaw allows a hacker to bypass that restriction. Joe Vennix of Apple Information Security, found that the flaw can be exploited by specifying the user ID of the person executing commands to be -1 or 4294967295. The bug resolves the ids to the value 0, which is the user ID fo ...