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We spent years in Enterprise App Development sphere that spans custom application for wall street to mobile apps. Our years of experience has let us to develop some of the most sophisticated trading systems still in use today. We have applied our custom application experience to our customers; including mobile, internet, accounting and server applications.

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ABS Structuring System

Creates and manages asset groups for capital structure


Web project document management system with version control

Tape Cracker

Mortgage tape-cracking web application


Web accounting app for food distribution companies

Real World

Custom Accounting web application for fabric distribution

Zombie computer viruses that refuse to die

There are many old viruses that are still around and roam the internet continuing infecting computers world wide. They are referred to by security experts as Zombies, since no one can kill them off completely. The most prolific type of Zombie viruses are the worms. Most worms are self-replicating and spread themselves to other victims after cloning themselves. ...

Bladabindi Backdoor Trojan Hidden in VPN Installer

Users installing Windscribe VPN from third party sites run the risk of installing a backdoor. At first glance, the installer looks legitimate but in reality, the software is bundled with a trojan which allows hackers to gain access to the computer. The fake installer for Windscribe VPN contains the Bladabindi backdoor. Bladabindi is able to execute remote commands, log keystrokes, take screenshots , and collect information about the computer including antivirus software and passwor ...

Ransomware Hits Another School in California

The latest ransomware attack victim is the Newhall school district in California. According to city officials, the attack closed down remote learning for 6,000 elementary students. The malware struck overnight Sunday into Monday morning. Newhall's servers have been shut down and the kids are back to using pencil and paper to work on home assignments. There has been no extortion demand yet. ...

Android Malware Bypasses Two Factor Authentication

Researchers found a surveillance campaign that targets victims' personal device data and browser credentials. One unique tool in the group's bag of tricks is an Android malware that collects two-factor authentication ( 2FA ) security codes sent to devices and launches Google account phishing attacks. The group that is responsible is being called Rampant Kitten. The group has targeted Iranian entities for at least six years. It specifically targets Iranian minorities and anti-regime organizations ...