Enterprise App Development

We spent years in Enterprise App Development sphere that spans custom application for wall street to mobile apps. Our years of experience has let us to develop some of the most sophisticated trading systems still in use today. We have applied our custom application experience to our customers; including mobile, internet, accounting and server applications.

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ABS Structuring System

Creates and manages asset groups for capital structure


Web project document management system with version control

Tape Cracker

Mortgage tape-cracking web application


Web accounting app for food distribution companies

Real World

Custom Accounting web application for fabric distribution

Lightweight Raspberry Pi Distros

Raspberry Pi's are single-board computers that can be used for many different projects. There are dozens of operating system options for the Raspberry Pi. Raspberry Pi OS, known as Raspbian, is the most popular Linux distribution (distro) for the Pi and is based on Debian. However, there are dozens of additional Raspberry Pi desktop options. Before settling on a Linux operating system for your Pi, think about your needs. There are Linux-based retro gaming OSes that provide multimedia and home t ...

Tools To Install OS For Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi supports several operating systems. This means you can choose from a wide selection of operating systems (OSs). Any of these can be installed a SD card for use in Raspberry Pi. Here's how to get a new OS installed and running on your Raspberry Pi, using Windows, macOS, or Linux. ...

Zloader Malware Exploits Microsoft Digital Signature Verification

Hackers are using Microsoft's digital signature verification to steal user credentials and other sensitive information by delivering the ZLoader malware. Zloader was previously used to distribute Ryuk and Conti ransomware. Researchers at Check Point Research found that Malsmoke, a hacking group, has been using Microsoft's digital signature to distribute Zloader since November 2021. The group already has over 2,000 victims in 111 countries in the United States, Canada and India. ...

Christmas Toys Could Be Spying on You

Many people had a feeling of nostalgia when Mattel upgraded its classic Fisher-Price Chatter telephone for its 60th anniversary in October with Bluetooth capabilities, so adults could relive their childhood and use it for making mobile calls. But flaws in the way the toy pairs with Bluetooth means that hackers can potentially be listening in on private conversations. Security flaws in the 60th anniversary Fisher-Price Chatter Bluetooth telephone allows nearby hackers to spy on calls or communi ...