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Welcome to our CielView portal. Access all your programs and data from anywhere in the world have readily available wherever and whenever you nee it. Never worry about downtime again. CielView minimizes redundancy in computing resources while allowing users remote desktop access to virtualized user Desktops. CielView Desktop provides customized solutions to each user in an organization. CielView is designed to leverage idle CPU cycles and other computing resources. CielView is flexible for each person's needs for computational intensity. Our administrative program allows easy configuration to tailor each desktop according to their needs. You can configure your users based on types of tasks, or the departments they belong to, or in any number of different methods that would work for your organization.

ccess to your CielView Desktop only requires a thin-client and an Internet connection. Once you have connection to our CielView, and logged into your CielView Desktop, it is as though you have full access to your regular machine at your desk in your office, without the headache and cost of maintaining and upgrading actual machines in your office. CielView Desktop can work with your existing PC running an outdated operating system. CielView Desktop can run on any of your hand held devices such as your smartphone or tablets.

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Avast Network Hacked Again

Avast stated that it is clear that this was a sophisticated attempt with the intention of leave no traces of the breach or their purpose, and that the hackers were taking extreme caution in order to not be detected. Avast doesn't know if this was the same group as before and will never know for sure. ...

Another Chrome Use-After-Free Flaw Disclosed

The flaw, CVE-2019-13720, is a memory corruption flaw where an attempt is made to access memory after it has been freed. This can cause a myriad of problems, from causing a program to crash, to executing arbitrary code or even enable full remote code execution capabilities. ...

Raccoon Malware

Researcher first found Raccoon in April 2019. The malware, written in C++, takes advantage of several delivery methods. These include exploit kits, including Fallout and RIG, as well as phishing attacks and bundled malware. Once installed, Raccoon scours systems for credit card information, cryptocurrency wallets, passwords, emails, cookies, system information and data from popular browsers including saved credit-card info, URLs, usernames and passwords. It then sends that data back to its op ...

Intel NUC and Nvidia Shield Flaws Fixed

Nvidia fixed two glitches in the Nvidia Shield that could enable code execution, denial of service, escalation of privileges, and information disclosure. Intel patched their NUC against a flaw that could allow escalation-of-privilege, denial-of-service or information disclosure. ...