Pro Thin Client


CielView Pro remote desktop thin client with multiple monitor capability. CielView Pro ThinClient was designed to give you the flexibility to use more peripherals while giving you access to your custom CielView Desktop. The CielView Pro ThinClient supports 2 monitors at full HD resolution. The Pro ThinClient supports 2 additional USB devices including security dongles. The Pro ThinClient provides you with the performance you need with the flexibility to attach other peripherals as you need them.


Dimensions 7.9" X 1.8" X 7.1"
Weight 5.8 lbs
Video DVI
Resolution Full HD 1080P
Ports USB
Network 10/100, WiFi
Audio 16 bit stereo
Power 17.2 Watts

Flexibility and Security

The Pro ThinClient gives you the flexibility to connect external devices to your custom CielView Desktop. It is powerful enough to use dual monitors at full HD quality with stereo sound. The Pro ThinClient give you the ability to run programs that require security dongles on your custom CielView Desktop. The Pro ThinClient has no moving parts and runs so cool that a fan isn't needed. There is no need to worry if the Pro is lost or stolen because all your data is stored on CielView, there is no security risk at all. The Pro ThinClient can also be used as an interactive kiosk without worrying about security issues.

Avast Network Hacked Again

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Another Chrome Use-After-Free Flaw Disclosed

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Raccoon Malware

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Intel NUC and Nvidia Shield Flaws Fixed

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