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Topics in NETWORK and SECURITY :
A sophisticated botnet found dubbed Mylobot
Bitcoin Baron gets 2 years in jail
cisco issues another patch for webex flaw
Cisco patches critical authentication flaws
Cisco patches critical bugs in its VOIP phones
Cisco patches Secure Internet Gateway service
Complex situation for GDPR compliance.
Critical vulnerability finally patches in ISP broadband equipment
Critical vulnerability finally patches in ISP broadband equipment
Cryptomining hack on ISP grade routers found
DanaBot trojan targets bank customers
Data breach at LabCorp may affect millions
DDoS attacks get smarter
Exploit kits still the number one web-based threat
FBI arrests 74 in business email compromise crackdown
FBI recommends rebooting routers to minimize VPNFilter risk.
Google Home and Chromecast leaking location information
Hackers making money on cryptocurrency scams.
Home fiber routers vulnerable.
Kitty cryptomining malware.
Krack attack highlights wifi security flaw.
Malware spread through Facebook downloads cryptomining code and steals credentials.
Marriott Data Breach
Marriott Data Breach
Marriott Data Breach
Prowli leverages weak Iot devices and servers for profit.
Roaming Mantis malware evolves into crytomining and iOS phishing.
Roku and Sonos open to hack
Router flaw that leaked wi-fi passwords patched by Comcast.
Rowhammer targets Android devices again
Samsung looks into claims of random texting of images to contacts
Security flaw in Red Hat could allow full root access.
SMB malware, Hidden Cobra strikes again.
SMB malware, Hidden Cobra strikes again.
VPNFilter malware infects half a million home routers.
WannaCry kill switch hero faces new charges.
WordPress plugin bug allows any user to be able to get admin access
18 Android Models Under Attack
1TB of Data Stolen from International Tech Firm
Amazing Ultrasound Hack Can Secretly Control Siri, Alexa and Google Now
Amazon Echo and Kindle Devices Affected by KRACK WiFi Bug
Android Malware Bypasses Two Factor Authentication
Android Ransomware Activates with the Home Button
Asus Home Routers Open to Snooping Attacks
Backdoor trojan found in CCleaner
Bladabindi Backdoor Trojan Hidden in VPN Installer
Bluetooth Flaws Could Allow Global Tracking of iOS and Windows
Botnet for hire from TheMoon
Bug in NVIDIA’s Tegra Chipset
Call-Girl Search-Engine Pollution Hits WordPress Sites
Card skimming scripts hiding as Google Analytics and Angular
Cisco Aironet Access Point High-Severity Flaws
Cisco fixes flaw in wireless VPN routers
Cisco Flaw Allow Remote Control of Routers
Cisco flaw leaves small business networks vulnerable
Cisco Network Security Flaw Affects Many Fortune 500 Companies
Code Snippets WordPress plugin Vulnerability Patched
Critical Bugs in Netgear Nighthawk Routers
Crypto-mining malware is the number one threat in 2018
Cyberattack Hits Hospital Chains in Pennsylvania and Other States
D-Link and Comba Router Flaws Leaking Credentials
D-Link Cloud Camera Flaw gives access to video streams
D-Link Home Router Flaw Won't Be Patched
DarthMiner strikes MacOS
DDoS Attacks Takes Down Wikipedia and World of Warcraft
Dirty Sock vulnerability gives hackers root access to Linux systems
Discount plugins built into ecommerce sites flaws uncovered
DNS Bug Allows Infrastructure to be Hijacked
Docker filled with Graboid Cryptomining Worm
Equifax Settles 2017 Data Breach
Feds Warn of Security Issues With Smart TVs
Fileless malware makes a comeback
GandCrab Cybergang Hacker is Arrested, But Malware Attacks Continue
Google Announces $1M+ Bounty
Google Fixes DoS Flaw in Android
Google Patches Zero-Day Bug in Chrome Browser
GoScanSSH targets public facing SSH servers but avoids government systems
Hackensack Meridian Pays Ransomware
Hackers Attack Popular Linksys Routers that Triggered Password Reset
Hackers Impersonate USPS to Deliver Malware
Hackers Jackpots Diebold ATMs
Hackers use Google Cloud to attack home routers
Honda Database Leaks Customer Data Again
HTTP/2 Implementation Flaws Opens Websites to DoS Attacks
Internet Connected Toys Puts Kids at Risk
InterPlanetary Storm Targets Mac, Windows, Linux Android and IoT devices in 84 Countries
IoT Devices Are Responsible Almost One Third of all Infections
IoT Radios Vulnerable Due to Telnet Flaw
Linksys and D-Link routers targeted by Corona-virus themed malware
Linux Servers Vulnerable Due to Exim Flaw
LokiBot trojan found hidden in .PNG files
Louisiana Gov Declares Emergency Due to Cyberattacks
MacOS security flaw exposes Safari browser history
Malicious Microsoft Office attachments trick their victims
Malware Developer Pleads Guilty in Cybercrime Spree
Malware hidden in ad based images targets Mac
Malware Targets QNAP NAS
Malware uses Obfuscation To Avoid AV
Marriot data breach impact lowered after forensics.
Maze Ransomware Blackmails Victims as Leverage
Microsoft Fixes Windows Remote Access Flaws
Microsoft patches zero day flaws in February Patch Tuesday
Microsoft will stop releasing updates via SHA-1 code signing
Millions of Connected Devices Affected By Ripple20
Millions of Home Cable Modems at Risk
Mirai evolves and broadens range of CPUs
Most Home Routers Have Critical Flaws
Mozilla adds anti tracking in Firefox 65
Netgear Won’t Patch Serious Flaws in Some of Their Routers
Networked Printer Vulnerabilities
New Gafgyt Botnet Targets Game Servers
New Lazarus Group MacOS Malware Found
New Malware Hijacks HTTPS
New MATA Malware Framework Can Target Windows, MacOS, and Linux
OSX malware can steal crypto currency
PHP Flaw Allows Hackers to Control NGINX Servers
Popular TV Streaming Platform Ministra Vulnerable to Hijacking
Popular Website Plugin Affects over 700,000 Sites
Rarog turns computers into cryptocurrency mining machines
Remote code execution flaws in RDP Clients
Researchers at IBM come up with AI powered malware
Researchers Find New Flaw in Modern Intel CPUs
Rich Reviews Plugin Flaw Has No Fix
Ripple20 TCP/IP Flaws Affects Millions of Devices Even Though a Patch Exists
Roboto Botnet Targets Linux Webmin Servers
Routers and NAS From Major Manufacturers Full of Flaws
Ryuk Encrypts Entire Network in a Matter of Hours
Sanny malware adapts and reemerges
Serious Exchange Flaw Still Affects Over 300,000 servers
Serious Flaw Affects Millions of IoT Devices
Serious Flaw in Wi-Fi Allows Eavesdropping Attacks In Over a Billion Devices
Shlayer Mac Malware Evolves
Shocking News About Popular Website Builder's Flaw is Being Exploited
SLoad Trojan Employs BITS
Smart TVs Are Sending User Data Even When Idle
SmarterASP.NET Recovering From Ransomware Attack
Smartwatch Exposes Kids' GPS data
Smominru cryptocurrency miner makes millions for hackers
SolarWinds Hacking Group Hits Malwarebytes
Steganography Hack Can Compromise Websites
Stegware use increases for hackers
Tax Scams Increase as Tax Season Approaches
TeamTNT Uses Legitimate Cloud Monitoring Tools To Take Control of Cloud Instances
TP-Link smart home router zero day bug found
TrickBot Goes After SSH Keys
Verizon router flaw affects millions
Vulnerability in Alexa Google Can Be Exploited To Eavesdrop
Warning Issued By Cisco Over IOS XR Zero-Day Flaw
WordPress plugin flaw in Yuzo being exploited
WordPress Plugin Flaws Exploited In Malicious Advertising Campaign
WordPress vulnerabilities up 20 percent in 2018
Xiaomi Mijia Security Camera Flaw Found By Reddit User
Zero Day Flaw Found in Netgear Routers
Zero-Click Kernel Bug in Linux-Based IoT Devices

Memory management and the Stack

The OS allocates memory for each process or program for data and code. The memory allocated for each process consists of many parts: the stack holds local variables, the heap holds dynamic memory, the data segment holds global variables, and finally the code segment which holds the code is and read only. Memory management depends on the hardware and the operating system. ...

Variable Scoping in Go

A scope in any programming is a region of the program where a defined variable can exist and beyond that the variable cannot be accessed. There are three places where variables can be declared in Go programming language. The first is local variables which are declared inside a function or a block. The second is global variables which are declared Outside of all functions. The last is parameters which are in the definition of function parameters. In this article, we will discuss what local va ...

Go Variables

A variable is a name given to a storage area that the programs can manipulate. Each variable in Go has a specific type, which determines the size and layout of the variable's memory, the range of values that can be stored within that memory, and the operations that can be applied to the variable. The name of a variable can contain letters, digits, and the underscore character. It must begin with either a letter or an underscore. Upper and lowercase letters are distinct because Go is case-sensit ...

Python Tuples

In Python, a tuple is a comma-separated sequence of values. Very similar to a list. However, there's an important difference between the two. The main difference between tuples and lists is that lists are mutable and tuples are not. A mutable object is one that can be changed. An immutable object is one that contains a fixed value that cannot be changed. If it needs to be changed, a new object must be created. Generally, we store different data inside a tuple than we would a list. Lists usua ...