What is a PivotTable?

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A PivotTable is a tool used to summarize large amounts of data quickly and easily. PivotTables can help you analyze a data set of thousands of rows with little effort using a number of pre-defined functions like SUM, COUNT, and AVERAGE.

There are many usea for PivotTables, but they're best when you need to analyze a large data set quickly. If you've got high-level, one-off questions on a massive data set like "how many screws did we sell in the first quarter last year", chances are a PivotTable is the perfect way to get the answer.

Each PivotTable is composed of a number of key sections, into which the columns of a target data set can be bucketed:

    - Report filter. This section allows us to filter our table by one or more criteria.
 - Column labels. This section allows us to summarize data across columns, placing data labels along the top of the spreadsheet.
 - Row labels. This section allows us to summarize data across rows, placing data labels along the side of the spreadsheet.
 - Values. This section allows us to specify what we're summarizing.