Create pipe delimited file

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Sometimes, a comma separated file can't be used and you need to create a file that has fields separated by something other than a comma. This can be done in Microsoft Excel very easily. To create a file that is separated by something other than a comma, do the following.

Change the list separator :

1 Go to control panel and select "Region and Language".
2 Click on the "Additional Settings" on the bottom of the window.
3 In the drop down box next to "List Separator:", type in "|" or whatever character that you need the data to be separated by.
4 Click on the "Apply" button and close the Control Panel.

Save Excel file as csv file :

1 Open file that you want converted in Excel.
2 Click on File-> Save as.
3 In the Save as dialogue box, look for the drop down box next to "Save as type:".
4 Select "CSV (*.csv)" from the drop down box and click on save.