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Deep Dive and Design

We can analyze any thorny process and business function flow. We have the right tools and expertise to help you do a deep dive and clarify your requirements that will help your business move and grow with your custom software.


We specialize in large and complex software development projects. We have over 50 years of joint professional software development experience. Whether it is web applications, cloud applications or desktop applications, we can provide custom tailored solutions to meet your business needs for the present an the future.

Support and Validation

Supporting a complex software platform requires the effective use of both preventative measures as well as rapid critical incident response to resolve problems quickly. Whether it’s an occasional problem or a fully managed support offering we have a support service to suit your needs.


USB-C is one of the standards for charging and transferring data. It's included in devices like the newest laptops, phones, and tablets and will likely spread to everything that currently uses the older, larger USB connector. The specifications for USB-C were first published in 2014. It is fast becoming to be a real replacement for not only older USB standards, but also other standards like Thunderbolt and DisplayPort. USB-C is closely intertwined with other new standards, as well—like USB 3 ...

Why Your Windows Taskbar Should Always Be on the Left or Right Side of the Screen?

Original Microsoft Windows taskbar was designed to be not movable and attached to the bottom of the screen only. Which made sense at the time to manage programs visually that were currently started by the user. The taskbar allowed users to minimize and restore running programs that were not needed while working on other tasks. With Windows 95 the modern taskbar that we know today was introduced that could be moved and configured to user preferences. ...

The End of Flash

Adobe’s once popular Flash Player, a browser-based runtime for displaying media content on the Internet, has reached the end of life for all regions outside mainland China. The final release was made on December 8. Adobe will no longer support Flash Player after this. Flash content will be blocked from running in Flash Player next month. ...

Why Video Conferencing Is Here to Stay

Video conferencing has been gaining in popularity over the years. But in 2020 due to the covid pandemic and lockdowns popularity of online conferencing has seen a meteoric rise. Even if you were a casual user just a couple of years ago of video conferencing, the new normal has created and forced many to adopt and become in-home/work experts.

Of course there are many popular platforms that have jumped ahead of the pack, and in 2021 we will see newcomers come to market. Not all video ...