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Topics in OS and PRODUCTIVITY :
A bug was patched in Git repository
Adobe releases patch for flash and Acrobat
AMD releases CPU firmware and Windows 10 patches to safeguard its products against the Spectre security flaw.
Apache Software Foundation patches critical remote code execution vulnerability in Apache Struts 2
Apple's Mojave operating system contains a vulnerability that could be exploited by attackers to access protected files
Autoplay feature can cause USB drives to trigger BSOD.
Beware of open source software security.
Bug Bounty payouts increase six percent
Dangers of Peer-to-Peer cryptocurrency exchanges
Eight more Spectre-like security flaws found in Intel CPUs.
IBM debuts AI computer that can debate people
Intel and Microsoft will use GPU to scan for malware.
Intel and Microsoft will use GPU to scan for malware.
Intel can produce quantum computing chips fom silicon wafers
Intel stops Spectre fix for older CPUs
Intel will release new CPU to beat rival AMD.
Intel's 9th generation CPU will have fixes for Meltdown and Spectre
Microsoft closer to quantum computing based on elusive particle.
Microsoft lists bugs it won't patch
Microsoft offers new bounty for identity services bugs
Microsoft releases 17 critical bug fixes
Microsoft releases additional security updates for Spectre vulnerability.
Microsoft will acquire GitHub for $7.5 billion
More companies are turning bug bounty programs to find data privacy abuse
More CPU flaws announced by Google and Microsoft
Mozilla will block tracking cookies in future release
New research may be a game changer for quantum computing.
New Spectre flaw compromises return stack buffer
New Spectre variants found
New variant of SynAck malware found.
Nvidia DGX-2 announces as the world's largest GPU
OfficeJet all-in-one printers can be hacked by a fax
PGP and MIME security flaw found to reveal encrypted emails.
Python interpreter
Spectre and Meltdown fixes for Intel chips doesn't address newly discovered Variant 4
Three new speculative execution flaws found in Intel CPUs
Toshiba may break quantum security distance record.
University of Michigan announces world's smallest computer
US takes the lead again for world's fastest supercomputer
Vulnerability in Amazon Alexa allowed hackers to eavesdrop
WebAssembly changes could neutralize Meltdown and Spectre browser patches
Zero-day vulnerabilitiy found in Microsoft's task scheduler
Botnet of infected WordPress sites attack WordPress sites
Flaw in Logitech Options App
Governments Warn of a New Strain of Chinese 'Taidoor' Virus

Memory management and the Stack

The OS allocates memory for each process or program for data and code. The memory allocated for each process consists of many parts: the stack holds local variables, the heap holds dynamic memory, the data segment holds global variables, and finally the code segment which holds the code is and read only. Memory management depends on the hardware and the operating system. ...

Variable Scoping in Go

A scope in any programming is a region of the program where a defined variable can exist and beyond that the variable cannot be accessed. There are three places where variables can be declared in Go programming language. The first is local variables which are declared inside a function or a block. The second is global variables which are declared Outside of all functions. The last is parameters which are in the definition of function parameters. In this article, we will discuss what local va ...

Go Variables

A variable is a name given to a storage area that the programs can manipulate. Each variable in Go has a specific type, which determines the size and layout of the variable's memory, the range of values that can be stored within that memory, and the operations that can be applied to the variable. The name of a variable can contain letters, digits, and the underscore character. It must begin with either a letter or an underscore. Upper and lowercase letters are distinct because Go is case-sensit ...

Python Tuples

In Python, a tuple is a comma-separated sequence of values. Very similar to a list. However, there's an important difference between the two. The main difference between tuples and lists is that lists are mutable and tuples are not. A mutable object is one that can be changed. An immutable object is one that contains a fixed value that cannot be changed. If it needs to be changed, a new object must be created. Generally, we store different data inside a tuple than we would a list. Lists usua ...