Google Apps Scripts: Deleting and Inserting Rows in Sheets

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Working with google sheets one quickly realizes there are many good reasons to automate many tasks. Even simple tasks like deleting a row(s) or inserting a row(s) get tedious, annoying and time consuming. In this blog we will go over a couple simple yet very useful functions to automate the task of deleting and inserting rows.

Let's start with deleting a range of rows we no longer need. We will pass a starting row position to delete, followed by a number of rows to remove. The function signature will accept three parameters: strRow, numOfRows, working-sheet.

function delRowRange(strRow, numOfRows, sheet)

To insert rows one first has to decide whether we want to insert a row before or after the starting position. Therefore we are going to create two separate functions, one to insert after a row and one to insert before the selected row. The function signatures are going to be the same: strRow, numOfRows, working-sheet.

function insRowRangeAfter(strRow, numOfRows, sheet)
function insRowRangeBefore(strRow, numOfRows, sheet)

Putting it all together, the full code:

function delRowRange(strRow, numOfRows, sheet) {
  sheet.deleteRows(strRow, numOfRows);

function insRowRangeAfter(strRow, numOfRows, sheet) {
  sheet.insertRowsAfter(strRow, numOfRows);

function insRowRangeBefore(strRow, numOfRows, sheet) {
  sheet.insertRowsBefore(strRow, numOfRows);

function myMainDelRow() {
  const sSheet = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet();
  var firstSheet = sSheet.getSheets()[0];

  delRowRange(3, 1, firstSheet);
  insRowRangeAfter(2, 3, firstSheet);
  insRowRangeBefore(12, 2, firstSheet);