Why Video Conferencing Is Here to Stay

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Video conferencing has been gaining in popularity over the years. But in 2020 due to the covid pandemic and lockdowns popularity of online conferencing has seen a meteoric rise. Even if you were a casual user just a couple of years ago of video conferencing, the new normal has created and forced many to adopt and become in-home/work experts.

Of course there are many popular platforms that have jumped ahead of the pack, and in 2021 we will see newcomers come to market. Not all video conferencing are created equally. New products are trying to gain favor with the many discerning users that have started to demand better features, speed and convenience.

Remote work is definitely here to stay even when the pandemic diminishes. According to many surveys, remote work will increase by over 70% in the near future. Employees have already enjoyed remote work from home on a part time basis. That flexibility and convenience has only increased its popularity when video conferencing has become the only way to communicate in the past year.

Collaboration between large groups using video conferencing has been one of the more popular products to hit the marketplace. Products such as Zoom and RingCentral Glib can easily host 100 to 200 users at the same time. Hosting large meetings has always been complicated. Background noize and slow video connections made these types of video meetings very difficult. New features such as noise reduction, dark color modes, closed captioning and virtual backgrounds have all contributed to better experience using these video conferencing systems.

Collaboration is the key to these types of video platforms. Many have built-in instant messaging and/or integrate closely with other collaboration tools. Security is the most important feature of video conferencing software. Many systems are CCPA and HIPAA compliant to protect everyone on the video call. Password protection and user management adds additional controls to manage the meetings and exclude unwanted visitors.

Many employees report higher job satisfaction working from home. Over 80% of employees report being productive and happier given the opportunity to work remotely. With the right video conferencing tools productivity is nearly the same as in the office. Video conferencing allows businesses to utilise greater flexibility and managing happier staff will lead to increased bottom line of any organization.