REvil Ransomware Attack

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Hackers used the REvil ransomware to attack a law firm. Now, they're threatening to leak the 756 gigabytes of stolen data. The law firm, which works with several celebrities, has been hit by ransomware. Hackers are threatening to release the data allegedly stolen, including non-disclosure agreements, client contracts and personal correspondence.

The New York-based firm, Grubman Shire Meiselas & Sacks, offers legal services to the entertainment and media industries. Hackers hit the law firm in an attack using the REvil ransomware. The stolen information includes clients' phone numbers, email addresses, personal correspondence, contracts, and non-disclosure agreements with ad and modeling firms.

Some of the stolen data has been posted on a Tor leak site. The group claims to have stolen over 756 GB of data and will be published in installments unless the firm agrees to the ransom. The New York-based law firm confirmed that information was stolen and notified their clients.

Ransomware and data breaches affects companies as well as their business partners. The stolen information may result in identity theft, spear phishing attacks, BEC scams or other forms of fraud. Additionally, it's also possible that the criminals will contact the people whose data has been exposed directly and attempt to extort money.